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  • Anthony Wright

It's a Process

Here's a peek into the process of the current piece I'm working on.

I thought I would take some of the decision making out of my process. This all stems from a conversation I had some 30 years ago with a musician about randomness. He described aleatoric music, which is music that is left to chance. We also talked about the idea of aleatoric sculpture and if one could do something like that. For years the term aleatoric has stuck with me. I do have thoughts about a aleatoric sculpture that I may describe in a future post.

But here's a work that introduces some elements of chance.


Using a random number generator on the website, I gathered several sets of numbers given the maximum lengths of 48 inches and 22 inches. Using some of those numbers I created a cut list for lengths of 1"square steel bar.

The random lengths are cut and after some arrangements the form starts to take shape.

I know this is not random at this point but I felt adding some elements that I am not in control of was important.

I'll post more about the ongoing process of this piece soon.

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