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  • Anthony Wright

Work at Vyt

I'm working on several fronts here at the Art Students League Residency at Vytlacil.

Graphite on paper drawings

A combination of wood and steel sculpture

Mixed media photographs

detail work in progress
detail work in progress

I've been given a nice piece of black locust wood to try out, I hope to get get some more to work with.

The photo project has been a bit problematic. The two printer shops I thought I could use did not pan out but, one of the contacts at the printing company thinks he can hook me up with right individual to print my photos. He was sympathetic to my work and I'm optimistic he'll lead me to the right person. Really nice guy, showed me around his print shop which had among other presses one that print directly onto just about any flat substrate like aluminum, plywood, foamcore, etc..Pretty amazing stuff!

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